Square Enix heeft voor deze week de In Tanta We Trust uitbreiding voor Forspoken op de planning staan. Die verschijnt om precies te zijn aanstaande vrijdag en om de game voor deze nieuwe content klaar te maken, alsook nieuwe features toe te voegen is er een update uitgebracht.

Het gaat hier om update 1.20 die de ‘Very Hard’ moeilijkheidsgraad aan de game toevoegt. Daarnaast wordt de game voorzien van een aantal nieuwe gameplay features. Wat betreft de hogere moeilijkheidsgraad, bij het inschakelen hiervan zullen de volgende instellingen automatisch van kracht worden:

  • Spell-Switching Slowdown: NONE
  • Damage Received: DEFAULT
  • Stamina Recovery Speed: DEFAULT
  • Automatically Use Healing Items: OFF
  • Enemy Knockdown Time: DEFAULT
  • Auto-Evasion: OFF

Andere features die deze update introduceert hieronder met een aanvullende uitleg voor meer context.

  • Tantas Familiars. Instead of just showing up when Frey takes shelter at a Pilgrim’s Refuge, these magical felines will now follow Frey out in the field and help with finding resources and mana!
  • A new consumable called a “Stormshard.” By using this item at specific locations in the world, you’ll be able to summon a nasty Breakstorm and face off against the Giant Nightmares!
  • We’ve also introduced some new actions that expand on Frey’s already impressive magic parkour movement. The first is the ability to perform a quick midair jump. This is an extension of her basic parkour maneuvers so while it may not redefine traversal, it is extremely useful when you just need that extra bit of reach or when getting back to a ledge after an inadvertent jump.
  • Cuff Crush – When you leap over an enemy using magic parkour, you can hit the button prompt to perform a powerful attack. It consumes half of Frey’s stamina so you can’t spam it endlessly, but it has a high chance of knocking down enemies and the attack itself has an area of effect. The more stamina you spend, the higher the damage. It’s satisfying to pull off and useful in just about every situation.
  • Another new consumable, the “Revivifier.” This item can resuscitate Frey when she runs out of health, allowing her to get right back on her feet. A welcome addition for all, but especially for those looking to try out the Very Hard difficulty.
  • The Curiosity Shop has now been added as a fast travel destination. If you don’t know what the Curiosity Shop is, I highly encourage you to take the time to explore Athia!
  • Various adjustments to the banter between Frey and Cuff. While the dynamic between these two are one of our favorite aspects of Forspoken, there were some issues with repetition and general frequency of their conversations. Some lines were heard more often than others, and there would be times where they’d suddenly jump onto a new topic in the middle of a conversation.
  • We tweaked these settings across the board for every Cuff Chat setting, so everything should feel much more natural now.
  • We also improved the pacing for the earlier chapters by trimming transitions, shortening fades, and reducing the amount of time control was taken away from the player. These are very subtle adjustments but greatly improve overall immersion. While we were not able to make changes throughout the entire game, we felt the early chapters would benefit most from these changes.
  • We’ve also added some new settings to further improve playability. We’ve introduced a toggle for custom camera controls, which when enabled, allow you to set the camera’s maximum rotation speed, camera acceleration speed, and the stick response curve. These settings will be used in place of the regular camera rotation speed.
  • Added the option to switch spells by pressing instead of holding a button. This, paired with the updated magic HUD that lets you see which support spells are ready and which are still recharging, should make switching spells much easier in the heat of battle.

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