Tijdens de Devolver Direct afgelopen weekend hebben uitgever Devolver Digital en ontwikkelaar Croteam een uitbreiding voor The Talos Principle 2 aangekondigd. Fans hoeven overigens niet lang te wachten, de DLC komt namelijk al aanstaande vrijdag, op 14 juni, uit.

In de uitbreiding zul je drie verschillende verhalen kunnen volgen. De verhalen heten Orpheus Ascending, Isle of the Blessed en Into the Abyss. Hieronder kun je een beschrijving vinden van de drie verschillende verhalen.

Road to Elysium DLC-content

Orpheus Ascending – Explore the philosophy of love, death and resurrection through the story of Hypatia and Sarabhai. Return to the role of 1K to enter Sarabhai’s mind and retrieve the shattered fragments of her personality. Set in a gorgeous environment inspired by Ancient Egypt, this chapter challenges you to solve a series of complex laser-based puzzles in unconventional ways.

Isle of the Blessed – Hang out with Yaqut and Miranda as they join Cornelius and Athena on a puzzle-driven adventure set on a stunning Caribbean island. Challenge yourself with a wide variety of never-before-seen puzzles using familiar tools, culminating in the Hexahedron, a large continuous puzzle cluster set in a mysterious tower.

Into the Abyss – Return to one of the most dramatic moments from The Talos Principle II and find out what happened to Byron when he was trapped in the Megastructure. Taking place on a series of floating islands, this chapter takes you on a trippy journey through a glitchy dream world full of extremely difficult puzzles that will make even veteran players’ heads spin.

The Talos Principle 2 is nu beschikbaar voor de PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S en pc. Je kunt meer over deze puzzelgame lezen in onze review.